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Educational TV Program on the Arab Minority (Hebrew)


The Channel 2 educational program, Lomdim B'yachad ["Learning Together"], featured lately Dr. Yousef Jabareen of Dirasat, who gave a 45-minute presentation to a classroom of Jewish high schoolers in Israel. The program has since been broadcasted several times on Channel 2, a highly-rated channel in Israel.
The presentation begins with an overview of basic facts about the Arab minority population in Israel. Following this introduction, Dr. Jabareen presents of a selection of landmark Israeli High Court of Justice cases in which the guarantee of equal legal status to Arab citizens of Israel was demanded and partially won, at least in the text of the decision, even if not fully implemented on the ground. Examples of cases in which Arab minority rights and equality in Israel were not upheld are then presented. Dr. Jabareen emphasizes the concept of "equality" and the lack of a full constitutional anchor of the right to equality within Israeli law, despite the Or Commission report's recommendations on that topic. From this point, the presentation explores the notion of the collective rights owed to the 18% Arab minority in Israel. Proposing an alternative perspective, Dr. Jabareen outlines how full and effective participation of all of citizens in Israel would look. At the close of the presentation, several interesting questions were accepted from the students, leaving us with some optimism about the future of equality between Jews and Arabs in Israel.
To watch the full presentation, click here:

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